How To Fix Flash.OCX Error on Windows

Flash has become an integral part of internet related activities, from animated screen savers to streaming videos, gaming platforms to a robust architecture for web developers. Any errors that you encounter with flash can create a lot of problems in your work activities. It might happen once your computer wakes up from an idle state and shows the Flash.Ocx error message. It might also take place if you upgrade your flash player all of a sudden to see the messages pop up on the screen. This problem can be solved by the application of a few simple hotfixes.

Many third party screensavers that are installed on the machine use the flash object to render itself. When you upgrade your player, it still retains the old version of the .ocx file which can cause a lot of conflicts. If you want a permanent solution to this, you should change the name of flash9.ocx file to flash.ocx file in the same folder where Flash is kept in the operating system. Once you reboot and make the necessary changes, the error should not come back to your computer at a later stage. You should only rename the copy of a flash9.ocx file and not the original one.

A far more reaching cause for the error could be corrupted registry keys that can prevent the flash player from rendering. You can try the simple procedure of uninstallation and reinstallation of Adobe flash player but it would have little effect on the system registry. Manual registry tweaks would also be too dangerous if you do not have a concrete idea of what you are doing. You can use special OCX repair tools that come in the form of optimizers and cleaners for the registry. Such tools are the best resources available in the hand of the average computer user.

Any proper registry cleanup and optimizing tool can delete the incorrect registry entries left behind after uninstallation that can cause lots of problems with flash. The simple layout but powerful engine of the program means that it can make accurate detections and fix all the potential error threats automatically without requiring you to make complicated changes to the system. You can get back to a stable flash based performance in no time once you use the utility to enhance the quality of your system. The flash.ocx error can be removed permanently thanks to the help of such repair tools.